A search and viability report is deemed necessary prior to requesting a new trademark, commercial name or initiating any legal actions in order to identify prior similar or identical trademarks which may hinder the process.


Our specialized IP software, data bases and Official Journals serve to monitor, review and report published trademarks which may be detrimental to our client’s rights. With this information, the owner may decide if an opposition proceeding should commence against the later filed mark.


Legismark has a successful track record representing our clients in dispute resolutions. We know how to best protect, enforce, and defend your intellectual property rights. Our clients benefit from our expertise. We always maintain an awareness of the various options and solutions best suited to our client’s needs and avoid unnecessary expenses to the client, be it in oppositions, appeals, in court, etc.


The inclusion in our data base of our client’s trademarks guarantees timely notification for renewals or any service required to maintain their registrations in force. Community trademarks, Patents, Designs, PCT, Intellectual and Industrial Property.


The whole process beginning with the application and ending with the registration is monitored through publications on daily basis.

Services specifically


We accept with special interest the challenge to resolve the needs and problems of the self-employed, entrepreneur & micro-enterprise.This is why we have affordable solutions and reduced rates for the basic minimum protection and gladly provide the necessary counsel to guarantee a solid foundation for their new business endeavour. We know from experience the difficulty associated with any business project and the importance of having committed professionals to count on is always very welcome.  


The service provided for medium and large organizations is handled daily and on a continuous basis. We strive to have complete knowledge of the company, the people who work there and the services and products which are sold.

Always keeping abreast of new product lines or the implementation of new technologies being developed which require protection. Our aim is to provide the best Intellectual Property counsel most suited for the organization.

Personalized service, adapting to our clients needs and always being available, leads to the excellent personal attention and service we provide and entails an added value for our client’s./span>  


GOVERNMENT ENTITIES & UNIVERSITIES require similar IP protection as do large corporations but with different objectives.

We count them amongst our clients and also work with universities on IP related issues to raise awareness by providing counselling, seminars, masters, student training, professional collaborations, etc.


Our career path as trustworthy professionals has helped us establish numerous professional friendships who recommend our services to their clients.

Consultants, attorneys, publicity agents, designers and in general, professionals have counted on our professional experience in Intellectual Property to advise their clients.


Legal Services

In our field of expertise, our attorneys counsel and represent business in all stages of the judicial process offering in depth knowledge in resolving conflicts and acting before different jurisdictions and courts.

Our Legal Services are as follows:

  • Domestic, European Community and International Trademark registration.
  • Legal advise in general in our field of expertise
  • Trademark infringement litigation.
  • Cease and Desist demands.
  • Drafting and revising all types of Intellectual and Industrial Property contracts.
  • Invalidity and Revocation actions.
  • Assignment agreements.
  • Licensing and co-existence agreements.
  • Trademark portfolio assessment.
  • Customs watch services.
  • Litigations in matters related to trademarks, patents, utility models, industrial design and copyrights.
  • General Trademark strategy and counsel.
  • Brand acquisitions.

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